Monday, 14 January 2013

SGC GoogleDoc (for your update)

Dear all,

We have shared with you individualised copies of the GoogleDoc, for the purpose of kickstarting the process of data-gathering for the School Graduation Certificate (SGC). Kindly check your school email/ GoogleDrive for the document shared with you.

As a guideline, these are the areas of data that you need to recall, in order to update on the SGC doc:

  1. Class-wide involvement
  2. Level-wide involvement
  3. School-wide (e.g. CCA/ Committees/ Special Events) involvement and achievements
  4. Youth Service (CIP) - basic community services AND/OR service learning projects

We will be streamlining the SGC as we go along, so this shared SGC document is a working copy. Please do not change the title name of the doc for standardisation purposes.

We'll have the 1st review of the progress of SGC updates somewhere in Term 1 Wk 4.

Thank you and cheers!

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