Tuesday, 15 January 2013

SST Classrooms Decoration Competition 2013

There will be an Classrooms Decoration Competition coming up. 

Each class Exco members will lead the class in this project. Students need to submit a short write-up (less than 100 words) to explain to the judges how the class decoration is related to their class mission, goals and code of conduct.

Guidelines to adhere to:

  • Students are encouraged to use recycled materials. There will be no reimbursement of expenses incurred.
  • Safety of the classroom should not be compromised.
  •  The decoration should be done in a tasteful manner i.e. there should be no offensive language, symbols or pictures used.
  •  Painting of the classroom is not allowed.
  • Please take care of the equipment provided by the school. Cost of any damage done to any school property will be borne by the class.

·      Areas to note:
o   Notice-boards need to be allocated for different subjects and announcements. Eg. Duty roster.
o   Classroom must be clean and neat.
o   The locker area is clean and free from clutter.
o   Class mission, goals and code of conduct are clearly displayed.
o   The items in the class cupboards are neatly arranged.
o   Class Seating Plan is prominently displayed at the teacher’s table.

The competition will assess students on the following:

  •  Class Theme reflects their mission, goals and code of conduct. (30%)
  • Overall presentation and use of space inside the classroom (30%)
  • Creativity (10%)
  • Effort (10%)
  • Classroom cleanliness (10%)
  • Use of recycled material (10%)

Judging will take place on 28 Jan 2013 from 3 p.m. onwards.

Prizes will be given out for each respective levels. 

For submission: Class Deco Competition Writeup

Appropriate Reading Material during Morning Assemblies

Dear all,

Will like to remind all of us on the appropriate reading materials for morning assemblies.

Things to note: (not allowed)
1) non-print materials (e.g. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, etc)
2) fashion and entertainment magazines (for e.g. Her World, Teenage, 8-Days, etc)
3) academic texts, notes, readings

You should be reading a wide variety of genres like fictional/non-fictional books.


Monday, 14 January 2013

SGC GoogleDoc (for your update)

Dear all,

We have shared with you individualised copies of the GoogleDoc, for the purpose of kickstarting the process of data-gathering for the School Graduation Certificate (SGC). Kindly check your school email/ GoogleDrive for the document shared with you.

As a guideline, these are the areas of data that you need to recall, in order to update on the SGC doc:

  1. Class-wide involvement
  2. Level-wide involvement
  3. School-wide (e.g. CCA/ Committees/ Special Events) involvement and achievements
  4. Youth Service (CIP) - basic community services AND/OR service learning projects

We will be streamlining the SGC as we go along, so this shared SGC document is a working copy. Please do not change the title name of the doc for standardisation purposes.

We'll have the 1st review of the progress of SGC updates somewhere in Term 1 Wk 4.

Thank you and cheers!

JAE Info (PDF)

Dear all,

appended in the link below is the softcopy of the JAE booklet, containing info for post-Secondary studies in JC, MI and Polytechnics.

JAE Info

For your reference please. :)

Reminder on Grad Nite Survey

Dear all,

A survey form has been sent to all you via your SST email. Can you complete the survey by 16th Jan so that the Grad Nite team (teachers) can start the planning asap? Thanks and cheers!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome back!

Hi all,

A very happy new year to you all! Pls use this blog for all official business like posting of HW and important announcement.

James & Seth

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dear students,

Please be reminded that there will be a temperature measurement exercise on Mon 7 Jan 2013. You have already been reminded to bring your thermometers tomorrow, and we will check that their thermometers are in good working condition at 11:55am. After which, please keep your thermometer safe in your lockers, ready for use on Mon 7 Jan 2013.